The Second Day

Many of the problems you encounter in your daily lives are really small. Your mind just gets absorbed into the problem making it also small and thereby losing its peaceful expanded state and wide perspective. And because your mind is concentrated on such a small negative thought, which is easier to stick into, your energy is also easily poured or fed into it. The more you are attached to it, the more you suffer and the more you lose view of the good and more important things around you. So how can you break away from it? One way is to find a more expanded state and become it. How do you do it? Let me give you an example. If you have a problem on a specific thing like money, a valuable, etc., think of all the things you possess. Think of the clothes, foods, or shelter that you have. All of them are a blessing from God. You will see how good overall things are, and then let your mind remain in it. You can still expand even further by the way. Think of the great lands plentiful of resources that God gave you.
Then, there is also this quick natural way to expand your mind in which not a single problem can’t be overcome by it. Look into the sea and feel the invigorating breath of God. The vast deep blue sea reflects the peaceful mind of God. By looking at it and surrendering yourself to it, you can be attached to Him and be part of this great mind of His. You might think, “What if I am far from the sea, or any large body of water?” It is not a problem. There is a sea above you, and the biggest one at that, which can be seen by anyone from anywhere. It was separated by God from the water below on the second day, Genesis 1:6 “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.” The sea above you is part of what is called Heaven(SHMaYiM in Hebrew). Why is it called Heaven? It is because there is also a letter “Shin”(SH) in addition to it having water(MaYim in Hebrew). “Shin” or SH is Fire. The heaven, just like the seas, reflects the mind and wisdom of God. When was the last time you looked up to the Heaven and meditated upon the glory of God?
Lastly, there is this book which contains everything, including the past, present, and future. All the water of creation are contained in it. This book is the Torah. If you study it wholeheartedly, you will surely be attached to God, even in the highest way possible. And those small problems will be cleansed.


The First Day Cont’d

To further explain my last post: I stated that every time you sleep, the wind from God sweeps over the water of your body, which is a major portion of your body, and it renews you. This happens everyday. And every time you wake up, it is the same as God saying “Let there be light,’ all over again. And so the first day of creation in Genesis happens everyday, and so God always creates. Also, when G
od created “light”, He found it to be good. So when you wake up in the morning, it would not hurt to praise and thank Him for the beautiful morning. And by doing this, you also become in agreement with God about the goodness of such creation, thereby also becoming attached to Him.
But it should not end there, because there is a light besides the light from the sun in the morning. This light is the light of creation, the original, and it predates everything. This light is the Torah. And if you do the will of God as it is written in the Torah, you will be in the light and will become a light to this world. You will be good in God’s eye, and will be counted as righteous.

The First Day

Every time you wake up in the morning, you open your eyes for the first time. Now do this sometime, immediately after opening them, don’t move. Pause your mind and feel your body. You will notice that your body is very relaxed, and you desire nothing. By the way, you are now having a glimpse of one of the highest level of the mind and spirit. If you remain as you are, you are doing a very good meditation. But why such a good state? It is because your spirit is full. You surrender during the night to God, and because of it, you are able to receive the wind from God which then recharged your body. Can you surrender to Him while still being awake? Yes, you do this by not following your desires, as stated in Genesis 1:1, ” the earth being unformed and void.” And then you cling to Him and His commandments so that your wind also blows downward, as stated in Genesis 1:2, “sweeping over the water.” And now, because you are attached to the Torah or Teachings of God, there is a Light, and you are in it. Therefore, you are in the day praised by God as “good”. And your whole day will be very peaceful. Even your whole life will be very peaceful, until you take your rest into that night.

Before The First Day

Go outside, or imagine yourself in a pitch black night. It is dark. You can’t see anything. You can’t even see yourself. What does then remain? It is “you” as a man. Now, forget your body. Just focus on your vision. So what does then remain? Yes, it is the “one” looking. And that is the real “you”. And can you see that “you”? It is there. Now, just look…….
Now, bring people with you and all of you do it together at the same time. Can you locate the one looking? Yes, of course. Now, examine how that one looking might be different from that of everyone else. In the end, what makes it different from everyone else is how it chooses between good and evil. And it takes in the form of thoughts. And from there is where the judgement of God starts. And from there God judges everyone equally. “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” Samuel 16:7

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my humble blog. I started this blog for many reasons. One of them is so that I can help you people to achieve greater heights in your spiritual pursuits. The truth I am going to give you all are  simple, so simple they have been in front of your face always, everyday, but fail to take notice. The gold is not far from you. Your way of looking has just been clouded. And now, I will help you find it. May you see the sparkles in my coming posts. 🙂